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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  May 28, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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good afternoon. everybody. i'm larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. sky video camera shows police taking a suspect into custody yesterday. now we're hearing from one of the men who was held against his will for two hours and he has a message for the suspect who held him captive. laura anthony is live in antioch. laura. >> reporter: it is business as usual at this arco station. this was the scene of a standoff yesterday about this time. we did talk with one of those hostages taken, the owner of the
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station who told us he was calm throughout and surprised by his lack of fear. did you ever fear for your life? >> nope nope. >> reporter: not 24 hours after he was held he said he was armed but not threatening. >> he repeated almost ten times, don't worry, i won't harm you, i won't harm you. >> reporter: as it turns out this was the suspect's last stop on a spree that began with a car theft, police chase, crashnd and attempted carjack. >> a man ran up to my car with a gun pointing at me trying to get in the door. >> as soon as the dog came up in the window he stopped in his tracks and pointed the gun at me and my dog. >> reporter: he told me both he and his captor used security cameras to monitor the police
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activity outside including their use of a robot in an armored vehicle. by mid afternoon the suspect released first the 75-year-old. then a short time later his manager. before walking out and surrendering to police. >> if that gentleman is listening, i'll say good luck. i wish you all the best in the life and thank you for not hurting us. >> reporter: investigators have yet to release the suspect's identity except to say he is a 35-year-old man from newark. in antioch laurie anthony "abc7 news." the bear cat belonging the antioch police played a critical role in yesterday's hostage situation. coming up later we'll tell you about the plan to get their own plus the concerns still surrounding these vehicles. fire crews are mopping up after grass fire in alameda
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county. it began as two separate fires that merged into one big one. the fire burned 242 acres. it was contained. no injuries. >> fire is a real danger with the drought now. >> sandhya has your live weather forecast, hi sand ya. >> reporter: hi. it's beautiful. not exactly sunny everywhere. we do have some fog hanging onto the coastline and it's going to make its way across the bay. kgo roof camera showing you across the district. 58 in san francisco right now. 50s in oakland and half moon bay. a great day for sailing. mid-70s around santa rosa, 69 napa napa. you're in the low 80s. fairfield, concorde, you're
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statingstat ing starting in the warm trend. if you're stepping out, a little breezy out there. tomorrow morning foggy bay and beaches. temperatures in the 50s and then for the afternoon hours it's going to be sunny and warmer in most areas with upper 50s to the mid 80s. kosk of course, the coast will be the exception. i el be back with a seven-day forecast coming up. larry, ama. >> thank you. authorities say there's know scare. >> they shipped it before it was fully deactivated. labs in nine states and one base overseas received similar shipments. the vial is now with the centers for disease control and evaluation. abc news reporter mary bruce tells us the big question is how it happened in the first place.
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>> reporter: it's a mistake how it was sent in the first place. samples were inadvertently sent from this facility in utah. eight labs in nine states and in south korea was supposed to have received a dead anthrax. >> it's been ten months since the university did any work with the material so we're well beyond the point that anyone would show symptoms. >> reporter: 26 lab workers in the u.s. and south korea are now receiving post-exposure treatment as a precaution. so far there are no confirmed infections and no known risk to the general public. normally the defense department ships high levels of anthrax at biosecurity but in this case since the spores were thought to be dead they were shipped with far fewer safeguards. >> the idea that live anthrax was shipped commercially without
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special safety precautions is a big problem. if any of those vials had broken open during transportation, many people could have been exposed. >> reporter: and anthrax is deadly. once inhaled it has an 85% fatality rate. today the army's top general said human error probably was not a factor in this mistake. instead the military believes that there may have been a failure in the technical process to kill the anthrax samples before they were september onto the lab. in washington, mary bruce, "abc7 news." moving on to some fantastic sports news. pure joy. that's how the warriors and their fans describe last night's big playoff victory. >> it's been 40 years. now they're headed to the nba finals after they roared to a win over the houston rockets. >> this was a grueling game northeast of the night. kind of ugly.
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stephen curry was playing with an elbow injury. there was a contusion to the elbow. the warriors hung in and were eventually able to pull away 104-90. and the players thank all the fans for their loud support. he said the crowd was one reason he had a bad games. fans were thrilled to take in this moment. >> we've been waiting for so long. stephen curry the greatest champion. he's going to take us all the way. >> lebron james is next. >> be careful what you ask for with lebron james. he's coming. klay thompson was showing after the game concussion-like symptoms and it was trevor who was involved in the play. he'll be checked by the nba and have to be cleared for game one of the finales before he can play. championship gear started flying off the store shelves as soon as the doors opened and
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fans are already wearing the warriors warriors' pride. >> reporter: dick's sporting goods store opened two hours early to start selling something that wasn't available in 40 years. t-shirts that say golden state warriors western conference champions. >> i bought two for the kids one for me and one for my husband. >> reporter: she's going to put her shirt to good use. >> i'm getting off the plane in laker town because i've had to endure too much laker crap, so, yeah, we're excited. >> reporter: mary drove from pittsburgh to be the first one in the store. she grabbed two t-shirts and said she's wait add long time for this. >> ai'm a longtime warrior fan. it's in my blood. >> reporter: they say it's a fun
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change of pace to see blue and gold instead of orange and black that have been dominating the shelves. >> obviously with the giants going in, you start to feel like that championship city and everyone wants to be a part of it and i'm sure they've gained a lot of fans along the way. >> reporter: fans say they loved watching last night's close game and they're looking forward to seeing lebron james and the cavaliers in the final. >> we've got to a young team and they're going to do it. >> reporter: are you going to get a new t-shirt then? >> oh yes. i'll be here. aisle definitely be here. >> reporter: what do you think? western conference champions and here at dick's sporting goods, they've got a cut for us ladies so we don't have to wear the men's t-shirt. hopefully there'll be a newer version in the next few weeks. in pleasantville, amy hollyfield abc news. >> reporter: people are still talking about steph curry's daughter riley who once again
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stole the show at the press conference. >> i don't know when it's going to harngs to be, but. >> daddy be quiet. >> love her. she tried to hush her father. even when he tried to gain control of riley, she was into the drapes and everything behind the curtains. curry told the reporters she is loving all of this attention and she's going to get much more of this. i'm not sure the world is ready for riley curry. >> i don't know. she's great. love her. >> we'll see what the nba has to say. i'm not sure they're going to allow this during the finals, but it's a good show. abc 7 is the only place where you can see the warriors and the cavaliers. wednesday, june 4th. it will tip off at 6:00 p.m. in oracle oracle. also in oakland followed by games three and four the following tuesday and thursday
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and those will be in cleveland. the bay area looked into a chop chop place. a man who needs his bike to make a living and couldn't wait for police to help when it was ripped off. and the face of soccer internationally steps in front of cameras as scandal surrounds the most popular sport. the promise he made today and why so many say it's simply not enough. what's next for former niners' mcdonald following his arrest in south bay. at 4:11, a first look at our live commute. this is interstate 80. it is brutal. traf frk the right side is heading from emeryville to berkeley. traffic on the left headed the other way, westbound 080 is trying to make its way. either
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many of you who drive know how frustrating expensive and even debilitating it is when someone steals your car. the same is true for someone who depends on their bike for transportation. "abc7 news" reporter wayne freedman is live with a look at bike merges under attack. >> reporter: bike mergessengers, these days you don't have to woe just about safety. their bikes are a target.
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more than ever it's a jungle out there on the city's concrete streets. if you ride a bike a matter of being the hunted or being the prey. for phillip, hard enough to earn a living as a bike merge after 30 years. the internet has taken the job from them. even worse thieves are getting their bikes. >> oh, yes. >> why sf. >> people are desperate. they're addicts. they like to prey on people like us. >> reporter: and they're operating pretty much in the open as abc 7 documented earlier this month when we took a hidden camera and went into a chop chop shop and bought a bike for less than $60. "abc7 news" was never able to fanld the find the own over that bike because they never got it
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documented. >> they need proof. afternoon times they're painted over again. >> reporter: she deals with ripped off bike owners every day. >> about 800 bikes reported stolen but the estimate is around 4,000 because people were not reporting them. >> or they take law into their own hands. phillip blakemore recover add bike in front of a san francisco library last month because he showed the picture. i showed him the picture with the license and he appropriately gave me the bike back. >> reporter: in these days in this climate, a rarity. governor jerry brown swore in senator steve glazer this morning after a special contentious election. glazer said he's humbled and honored to serve with some old
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and new friends. the seat was vacated by mark desome yeah who was ee lektsed to congress. "abc7 news" was at oakland's plaza as the expo vehicles from big and small from hydrogen fueled buses to electric compacts. they're looking to ditch gasoline fleet cars. one exhibiter showed off a diesel fuel made from industrial food waste. >> we'll take animal food waste fish by product from processing and turn it into diesel fuel. >> they announced tla offer $14,000 in grants to cities so they can bialek trick cal vehicles and install charging stations. the president of the soccer foundation vowed to change thickets.
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sepp blatter did not personally apologize but he said fifa must earn back the world's trust. nine people or officials are accused of taking $150 million in bribes and payoffs over the past 24 years. >> we cannot allow the reputation of football and fifa to be dragged through the mud any longer. >> blatter rejected demands from the european soccer foundation because it's widely believesed he was in the middle of all of this. he's expected to win a fifth term as president of fee ta tomorrow. officials at the national hurricane center in florida told the president they expect a slow hurricane season this year. it officially starts on monday. the president says the u.s. is better prepared than ever for the storms of today. >> the technology's improved the forecasting is improved. the tools we have to model what may happen with something like storm serge has all gotten a lot better.
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>> despite the preparedness, the president cited the dangers of sea levels resulting from climate change what he sailed could be responsible. >> during to our forecast now we mentioned spencer christian has the day off. do you notice whenever it starts to get sunny, spencer has the day off. >> seems mighty convenient, doesn't it, sandhya? >> it does. he seems to disappear on the nice days, larry and ama. he know as what the forecast is that's all i can say. it's absolutely stunning out here. spencer picked a good day to be out. sun shining around the bay and inland. it's onshore breeze. in case you're wondering why not evan is feeling the warmth it use because we have enough of a sea breeze in the 50s. exploratory camera showing you filtered sun right now.
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looking at the forecast, warmer days through saturday and there's a slight chance of seeing it sunday evening. so when you take a look at the satellite picture, high pressure is nudging in just a little bit. our warming trend will continue for the next few days. by sunday the trop comes in and it will cool us down. you'll notice an increase in cloud cover on sunday. also could be a little drizzle for your showers. so keep that in mind. i wouldn't cancel any of your plans on behalf of this. here's something i do want to show you. the first tropical storm of the pafg has formed. tropical storm andres. winds of 60 miles an hour to 70. it's 800 miles south-southwest of the southern tip of baja. not expected to hit the land. it's expected to become a category 2 eventually to a category 1. things to consider here, obviously the atlantic may not have such a strong hurricane
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season but with the warm waters in the pacific, the pacific may have a very active position so we'll have to keep an eye on that for you. temperatures in the low to mid-50s. watch out for the fog. may be a bit on the dense side along the coastline. for the afternoon do expect to get a little warmer. lots of sun inland arias. 80 in livermore. 80 in amount yough. 75 in san jose. 76 in napa. beautiful day in oakland. 62 in san francisco. some fog is going to hang around near half moon bay. 59 degrees. a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast we're looking at a wiej range for your temperatures. everyone will warm up, low 60s to mid 80s. cooled sunday maybe drops between sunday evening and monday morning. then we'll just reverse that trend. temperatures will start to come up as it brightened up a little bit, larry, ama? >> sounds good. thank you, sandhya. up next the matriarch gets a
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shout-out following last night's big victory. new after 4:30. a
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warriors fans, please, keep these photos coming. just post them and we'll find them to feature on air or on our website at as we've been telling you game one of the nba finals is exactly a week from today. it's next thursday at oracle arena in oakland. both the warriors and cavaliers should be very well rested. they've got seven days off. that's a seven-day break between the conference finals and the start of the finals. it's the longest in league history. the previous record was set back in 2003 and 2008 when each team had at least five days off. the cavaliers, they are extremely worthy opponents. everybody knows about lebron
4:25 pm
james. he's the best player in the galaxy at this point and he's taking his team to the finals for the fifth time. cleveland really turned a corner when they acquired three players who are with the dreadful new york knicks but the cavs, they're missing another key player. that's kevin wlov suffered a shoulder injury earlier in the year and he's done for the year. he'll not be involved in the playoffs. remember sweetie? we introduced you to the 105-year-old earlier this week. last night coach steve kerr gave her a shout-out. >> you think a lot about people like that who have been following the team for a long time and how they're feeling, so i'm happy for all of our fans and especially sweetie, if
4:26 pm
you're watching out there. congrats. >> well, in about two weeks sweetie will turn 106 and looks forward to celebrating with a warriors championship. we're all hoping for that. >> how about free tickets for sweetie? >> i know come on. >> if the coach is going to talk about you in the press conference afterward -- >> may as well. she's a good luck charm at this point. there are two performances that may interest you. >> it's a different kind of culture. there's a big abc 7 recorder leyla gulen has more on where you live. >> reporter: all of us have a story waiting to get out. wait no more. real people telling their real life stories hits the stage once again this friday in oakland. their latest show "cops and robbers" has folks telling their stories from both sides of the law.
4:27 pm
>> lively performances of traditional music and dance will make you feel like you're back in the mother lands without the jet lag. we're really only a few days away from the opening night of the beloved musical annie. next wednesday audiences can come and see the spry red head and her loyal dog sandhya through june 14th. for more information about these and other events go to our website at "abc7 news".com. leyla gulen, "abc7 news.." >> "abc7 news" at 4:00 continues. we'll tell you why some visitors couldn't see that view. >> ray mcdonald walks out of jail after posting bail for his latest arrest. why his lawyers say he should never have been taken into custody. >> up next. the critics who say these
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in newsmaking headlines today where you live at 4:30 a vial of anthrax sent to a medical school is on its way to the centers for disease control. that vial may contain small quantities of live anthrax
4:31 pm
spores. the cdc told them it's unlikely to be of any risk. they say there's no threat to the campus or public and dave will have a full report coming up on "abc7 news" at 5:00. the warriors heading to the nba finals. they agree if the dubs win the final the victory parade will be in oakland. "abc7 news" reporter karen tyler will have more on that as well. officials say it was critical in saving lives and protecting officers yesterday. we're joined from san leandro where they expect to get their own armored vehicle soon. janet? >> reporter: yeah. that's right. despite the protest and rallies, they will use a van. the department says it's a
4:32 pm
critical tool to use to resolve a conflict seen in yesterday's conflict. yesterday they host add s.w.a.t. team competition where they caught up with both departments. antioch police working as a team. >> there it is. to compete in a s.w.a.t. fitness competition for charity a day after they worked together to save two hostages. aunt onpolice say it couldn't have been done without the bear cat. >> the vehicle was used to be a shield for officers moving from point to point. it was used to actually transport the hostages when they came out of the gas station. >> reporter: the antioch police chief says it's only used when they're dealing with an armed suspect. >> it's the third time we've deployed it. >> reporter: san leandro plans to follow the same policies.
4:33 pm
>> it's not necessarily the equipment that they're concerned about. it's when and where it would be used so it's important, you know that we have good management and that we make sure it's used at the proper time. >> louis mendoza is one of the many residents who rallied against it. >> you get the police force using them with the vehicles. >> reporter: that's the stigma police departments all across the country are now trying to break. san leandro hopes to do that by bringing the medevac out to nonemergency events to educate the public. in san leandro janet o "abc7 news." mcdonald walked out of jail around 11:00 last night after posting bail again. police say he violated a restraining order by showing up at the apartment of his former fee aniancee fiancee.
4:34 pm
it followed up on charges on monday. he was arrested for the restraining charge at a togo's across from levi's stadium. >> he looked a bit distraught. he came in sat over there for about three or four mintzs and was in and out on the phone. >> reporter: mcdonald's attorney said he went to her home and was told she wows not be there. >> reporter: the city of brentwood is now under a water emergency because of a drought. in response to governor brown's call for conservation they've ordered residential customers to cut back by 35% and those who use water for farming have to cut back 40%. fines cost up to $400. if you save, you could get a rebate up to $50. oil's causing a problem on another stretch of beaches
4:35 pm
from el see el seegundo. >> preparations are being made for steel spikes on top of the white house fence. the spikes are seen as only a temporary fix while a long-term security upgrade is worked out. the adeggs comes after a series of embarrassing breaching that are under scrutiny. former house speaker has been indicted ott bank charges. he's accused of structuring a withdrawal of more than $1 million in cash to get around the requirement that banks report transactions of more than 10 $1 million. the illinois republican was speaker of the house from 1999
4:36 pm
to 2007. former new york governor george pataki is entering the republican race for the white house. >> it is to preserve and protect that freedom for future generations that i speak. it is to preserve and protect that freedom that this morning i announce i am a candidate for the republican nomination for president of the united states. >> pataki announced his candidacy. he's a moderate republican and flirted with presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2012 but did not run. he's the third person to announce his candidacy just this week. fellow republican rick san tore yes, ma'am threw his had into the ring saturday. bernie sanders announced he'll seek that. >> coming up. we'll have details on a new grilling warning just in time. >> first catastrophic flooding in texas and oklahoma and it's
4:37 pm
not ore yet. we're live on the ground with a threat still posed for neighbors. >> i'll have the latest on that plus look at our local forecast. i'm "abc7 news" meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll have details straight ahead. >> and at 4:37 we're taking a live look at your traffic. southbound on 101, that's where traffic is all backed up except for that car pool lane. 88
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and dozens are missing after catastrophic flooding in texas and oklahoma. more is on the way. it's not over yet. abc news reporter brand yi hitt has more. brandi. it's not expected to reach the critical stage but the rain will shake it up. trees, mangled metal that you see here and that will zbik it more difficult to find survivors. >> reporter: new video shows powerful floodwaters surging into a texas home earlier this week. it's the same river that swept away an entire vacation home
4:41 pm
trapping three families inside. eight people remain missing. >> right now we must focus on finding those who are still missing. and just as importantly, pray for the living whose hearts are broken broken. >> the rivers are rising. new evacuations are under way apz. >> trying to save everything. >> at least 21 people have been killed in texas and oklahoma. the devastation widespread. thousands of homes damaged or destroyed. this woman and child were pulled to safety this morning sur rounded by water near houston. >> the court nation is good. they appear to have the assets they need at this stage to respond. >> reporter: several reported tornadoes touched down overnight with a threat of more severe weather and rain on the way.
4:42 pm
the severe weather really taking a toll on this area. with the blanco river stabilized, the smaller rivers outside of houston and dallas they're already at that critical flood stage and unfortunately more weather through the weekend. emergency workers are prepared for those floodwaters to rise another food or two feet. though families not out of the woods just yet. reporting live, brandi hitt, "abc7 news." larry and ama? >> thanks for the update. >> those poor people. sandhya patel with a look at the update. featuring that area in particular of texas and oklahoma sandhya. >> reporter: that's right. it isn't over. let's take a look. those strong thunderstorms continue to push through. tornado watch boxes up for lubbock and san angelo texas and flash flood watches for parts of texas and oklahoma. they've already seen flooding today in oklahoma and that's going to continue right on through the weekend but it does look like they'll get a much
4:43 pm
needed break as we head into june next week. thunderstorms expected from the gulf coast to the midwest. if you're traveling tomorrow 83 in chicago 82 new york. out west, pretty warm in portland, 84 degrees. 103 in phoenix. it's going to get hot down in the desert and in las vegas, 102. this is the kind of summer heat we expect so it's a little early. 77 in taho if you're heading there. here in the bay area, a little bit of clouds. plenty of sun, occasional high clouds and the warmup continues. up to the low to mid-80s for our warmest inland valleys along the coast line. just an absolutely beautiful day. coming up at 5:00 i'll have a look at your weekend forecast so hopefully you can join me. larry, ama? >> thank you. still on "abc7 news" at 4:00 this isn't jaws. this is more cute and cuddly than scary. >> first how would you like to fly first class this summer?
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airlines are dropping first class fairs to entice flyers. "the wall street journal" reports three years ago the average first-class fare was $800 more than coach fare for domestic travel. it was only $570 more in april 2012. frequent flyers are also being given upgrades. road trip. >> oh, yeah, for the summer. and as the growing season begins there's a new warning about the food coming off of your grill. >> abc 7 on your side's michael finney has more. >> there's a lot more to grilling. we talked about proper meat handling. now a warning about your brush. a woman in connecticut had to undergo emergency surgery after eating a burger cooked on a grill. she thought there was something
4:48 pm
wrong with the meat. it turns out she had ingested a wire burris frl her barbecue brush. the bristle had come off during scrubbing and was cooked in with the burger. it was the size of a quarter and showed up in an x-ray. >> if it was in my mouth and i bit into it i would have known. it must have been positioned just correctly. i ingested it and survey lowed it. >> reporter: you might use a cleaner that has a stone scrubber instead of a metal brush. you should also whine down the grill with a wet cloth. by the way that was very nice of that woman to educate us like this. that's tough to do. >> reporter: what would you do if hackers stole information from your bank? a new survey shows most of us would be quick to switch to a new bank. three-quarters said they would pull money out of their bank if they stole information. they say they worry more about
4:49 pm
data breaches than they do bank fees but they trust big banks to secure data more than they would trust mobile pay services. americans have been hit with a whop 1g$.1 billion in overdraft fees by the nation's three biggest banks. that's just fees charged in the first three months of this year. jpmorgan chase bank of america, and wells fargo. federal regulators have tried to reduce these fees by allowing people to opt out of them. but that means you won't be able to withdraw money from app atm if you runs out of money. you'll still be charged if your balance goes under zero because of automatic payment and bounced checks. >> a billion dollars in one quarter? amazing. >> i know. >> thank you michael. trending now. imagine this, it's your wedding day. you said, i do. not that we have -- not to each other anyway.
4:50 pm
they get engaged right in front for everybody else to see. >> this actually happened in iowa. take a look. this picture shows the man proposing to the bride's sister the bridesmaid. the story went viral after it was posted on reddit. >> many accused the man who popped the question of stealing the thunder of the wedding couple but they said it was planned all along. they wanted the propoelsal to happen at their wedding so friends and family could take part in the occasion. >> these one where you want to clear it with the bride first. a former college football player who suffered a crippling injury decided the odds for a touching touching moment at luther's graduation. >> with the help of his fiancefiancee, 23-year-old christopher norton was helped across the stage. he was told he wows never walk again. he spoke to abc's "good morning
4:51 pm
america." >> it was not going to determine who i was or what i will be. i would defeat my odds no matter what. i just had the mindset. >> good for him. what a remarkable young man. he worked five days a week, four days a week to rehab and build up strength. now he's preparing for a walk down the aisle. >> that's zbreesk cuddly is probably the last word you think of when you're talking about a shark but there is one shark bucking the trend of the fish and they're scary stereotypes. >> this leopard shark lives in an aquarium on the island in the southwest pacific and apparently he's very fond of his belly rubs. look at that. who's a good shark. >> he looks like he's smiling there. >> he basked in the belly rub for almost two minutes before swimming off. i wonder if that's one of those things where they end up kind of being in a trance. don't alligators --
4:52 pm
>> don't try that with a shark near you. >> that would be my advise. >> "abc7 news" at 4:00 up next. we take you for a tour of the new one world trade center observation deck and why some did not get to visit. ahead, here's dan with more. >> what police tried and failed to prevent. plus motorcyclists weaving in and out of traffic. you've seen them. how they become the first state
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female announcer: through sunday it's posturepedic vs. beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years interest-free financing. mattress price wars ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ opened today it's only when the weather decides to cooperate. >> a reporter from our sister station has more.
4:56 pm
>> finally we were able to see that magnificent view. let me show you right here. it's taken roughly six hours for the fog to burn off much to see the city laid out above you or below you, i should say, from 102 stories above the street level. anyway it's looking magnificent. it's a beautiful siteght. on a clear day they tell me it's 50 miles. they came, they saw, but unfortunately they couldn't see that million-dollar view at one world observatory. >> it's fantastic. i need to come back though because it's all white. so we'll be back next week to actually enjoy the views. >> taking the elevator to the 102nd floor in just 40 seconds you've experienced new york like never before, the entire city before your eyes. >> it shows new york being built from the ground up iechlts really cool. >> reporter: u ewe'll then step up into the see forever theater
4:57 pm
and majestic view looking north of the tower. >> if you would see, it would be really awesome. since you only see white, well -- >> reporter: but these early visitors took it all in including sky portal looking down the side of the world trade center and the other visual attractions. there are also three different food experiences to enjoy, showcasing dishes from the five borough boroughs. it's an experience that says it would bring them back. >> it gives you an overall view. >> people will be coming in the building all day. a big celebration tonight. and then tomorrow morning we'll cut the ribbon and be open. >> wow. incredible. >> i don't think i want to do the sky portal there. >> that's a little nerve-racking nerve-racking. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> "abc7 news" at 5:00 zbrins
4:58 pm
right now with cheryl and dan. >> we're well beyond the point that anyone would show symptoms. >> anthrax scare at stanford. the accidental shipment and what happens now. a man in yesterday's drama talks with "abc7 news." you're going to hear why he calls his kidnapper a total gentleman gentleman. next up, the nba finals and the team president obama is predicting to win j i'm meteorologist sandhya patel. are we in a warming trend? we'll let you know. i'll have the weekend forecast coming up. dozens of people are being treated for potential exposure to anthrax tonight after vials of the bacteria were sent across the country including stanford and some may accidentally contain live spores as well. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm cheryl jennings. it may have contained live
4:59 pm
spores. here's a close-up of what we're talking about. the university wants to assure the public there's no risk. ac 7 news reporter david louie with what happened. and, david what happens next? david? >>. >> reporter: it's on its way to the a federal laboratory for analysis. the vial has not been touched in ten months. the university says all safety procedures were followed and no one has gotten sick. stanford researchers only opened the vial once ten days aft was received from the u.s. defense department last july. on tuesday it was contacted bety u.s. center for disease control that soum some of the spores might be live. >> the centers for disease control has let us know even if there were to be spores in the sample, they would be at a very, very minute level and they would not pose any risk. >> the cdc's concern is the anthrax sent out to nine states
5:00 pm
and a military base in south korea might not have been fully irradiated. in the wrong hands anthrax has the potential for use with bioterrorism. it's tied to mysterious deaths in 2001. anthrax in powder form was sent to two u.s. senators and anchor tom brokaw although they were not hurt. those cases were studied and there was a report produced for the fbi. we asked if stanford researchers slould been more cautious in handling the anthrax. >> should everyone been assuming there was live anthrax and acting accordingly in that case it's impossible because at this university we don't have a setup for, you know dealing with lots of live vir u lent anthrax spores. >> despite that they will continue to study it and work on vaccines. >> it's important work for the united states and the w


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